About Sheppard’s Care

About Sheppard’s Care

I am Sarah Sheppard the owner and manager of Sheppard's Care. My vision for the business started when I found myself unable to keep up with the day to day running of the home as well as caring for a young family following hospital surgery. The help I needed was more than a cleaning service could offer but I didn't require nursing care. I just needed the practical support with getting out and about, attending medical and therapy appointments, managing household tasks to take the stress and strain out of everyday living.

Having extensive practical and managerial knowledge and skills gained from 25 years experience with a professional qualification in health and social care gave me the passion to create what I perceive as a much needed service.

What We Do

We specialise in a tailor-made service for anyone, of any age, whatever the need. We provide practical and social support to help manage day to day living, offering an extensive range of services for those who require assistance not only for themselves but for family members too.

Who We Help

We assist people with a variety of different needs and for a variety of different reasons. Our clients include young adults whom live alone, couples, families with children, busy professionals, and older people. All of them having specific requirements and all enjoying a customised service that we are proud of.

How We Help

We can help in many ways. Perhaps by accompanying you to a medical appointment once a month, providing social companionship to those who may live alone, respite for a family member allowing them to have a much needed break, to more comprehensive daily visits to assist with everyday tasks while convalescing . We have a wealth of information in our Service area.